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Metadata Technology North America (MTNA) is a U.S. based small business that provides high level expertise around the technical management of statistical and scientific data. Central to our vision is to ensure that data is always surrounded by all the necessary knowledge (or "metadata") to support its effective use, maximize quality, facilitate discovery and access, and ultimately provide policy makers, users, and the general public with knowledge needed for sound policy making, research, and information. Our core focus is on delivering solutions around government data, official statistics, and research data in proficient and cost effective ways, but are open to work with data in all shapes and forms. We like to see our customers are partners sharing a common objective to deliver better data for a better world.

Who We Are

Leadership Team

Jack Gager

Jack (a.k.a. "J") engineers and leads all of the platform and system development efforts for the company. He's an IT professional with over 20 years of experience, specializing in delivering metadata driven data solutions. Through MTNA, he strives to combine domain and technology expertise to build modern and robust enterprise solutions. Relying on the unique experience gained from his involvement in the establishment of domain standards and related implementation projects, Jack has developed a generic and highly flexible metadata management framework that is aligned, but not constrained by the standards, ensuring both compliance with recommended practices and ability to adapt to users' specific needs and requirements. This framework now serves as the backbone of all of MTNA’s data and metadata management solutions.

Andrew DeCarlo

Andrew DeCarlo is an Information Technologist and Data Engineer with extensive experience in software programming and expert knowledge around data/metadata management. Andrew has been the lead developer on multiple projects focusing on innovative ETL and data delivery platforms that focus on leveraging machine actionable metadata. He has developed ways to use metadata to enhance data transformations, validation, and ingestion processes, alleviating pain points that are common throughout the ETL process. Andrew is also familiar with the day to day tasks of data users and managers, and well aware of sensitive data security and disclosure aspects. Whether it be related to delivering the data itself or managing the documentation that accompanies it, Andrew has extensive experience working with researchers to help deliver services to them in ways that they find most useful and efficient.

Chase Moore
Lead UI Developer

Chase is a Senior Front End Engineer who gets excited about creating elegant, scalable, robust, and maintainable solutions to complex problems. He is passionate about incorporating design principles to create intuitive user interactions and feature-rich user experiences. He is proud to develop and give users the tools to unleash the power of MTNA’s metadata management solutions.

Pascal Heus
Expert Advisor

Pascal is an IT specialist and data scientist with over 30 years of experience. An expert in socio-economic, health, education, and general official statistics and research data management, he leads major research and development projects, collaborates with agencies around the globe on the implementation of innovative data management solutions, and advocates best practices surrounding metadata standards. Globally recognized for his work on international metadata standard initiatives and leveraging on his deep understanding of a wide range of data stakeholders, he has been providing solutions to issues surrounding statistical and scientific data production, archiving, dissemination, and analysis.

Development Team
Tim Niemeyer

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